Electronic Components

As KMC Elektronik A.S. we have established supply network to meet the component needs of electronic productions in different sectors, we provide reliable and fast materials by strong cooperation with manufacturers and distributors in different regions of the world.

Our powerful and reliable supply department is ready to support all demands with its expertise.

With our network of qualified suppliers in the US, Europe and the Far East, we provide real-time access to global markets and respond quickly to your needs.

The main materials in our wide product range are; Passive Components, Integrated Circuits, Micro Processors, Electromechanical Components, Connectors & Cables, LEDs, LCD & TFT Displays, Power Integrations, Print Circuit Boards (PCB).

Since the day we were lounched, we have created reliable and strong connections with our suppliers without compromising on quality. Within the scope of quality assurance, we provide components that are inspected by professional quality teams. We are confident that we will provide 100% guarantee that the quality of all our products conforms to the standards.